Welcome to the HaptiMap Toolkit Training course!

This is a short course for designers and developers of mobile applications for maps and location based services (LBS). Its purpose is to introduce designers and developers to the concept of Accessibility Design and the potential users and market. It outlines current industry practices in ICT and introduces the HaptiMap approach to accessibility design for maps and LBS mobile applications. The approach focuses on the different situation in which users try to access the content of mobile applications and results in guidelines based on Dynamic User Experiences (DUE). Designers and developers are encouraged to use these guidelines as checklists when they develop their mobile apps. Examples of short scenarios are also given to illustrate how developers can create their own checklists based on Dynamic User Experiences.

Following these overviews and guidelines, the HaptiMap Toolkit is introduced which can help designers and developers to build mobile and desktop map and LBS applications that can be accessible by everyone, independently of their perceptual abilities or context. Essential information about setting up and using the toolkit is explained while links to on-line resources for in-depth description of the toolkit and forum for help and discussions are provided.

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